We want to use our time in this almost 500-year-old scriptorium - a blink of the eye by historical standards - to sustainably shape our new home and create a favourite location for all of us. This also requires partners and friends to accompany us on this journey. Long-term partnerships with which we can make a noticeable difference and ensure the very best quality. 


We write stories - but not alone

It is very important to us to understand our culinary environment. Our inspiration not only comes from our pooled creativity paired with the seasons: to discover new products, their diversity and new areas of application, we regularly travel with our team starting from our own doorstep. Driven by enthusiasm for unusual products, our chefs’ eyes widen when they hold our partners’ victuals in their hands. These consist of long-standing colleagues and regional partners such as gardeners Johannes Schwarz and Peter Kunze, the Habeker Hof, the Obergrashof organic shop, the Gutshof Polting farm (lamb), Kenji Oya (Ozaki Wagyu), the Fischzucht Birnbaum fish farm, Royal Belgian Caviar with its sustainable sturgeon farm and the Freibäcker Arnd Erbel bakery.

More than just chocolate

The wonder of the cocoa bean

Pure flavour. Experience biodiversity. Climate-friendly. No packaging waste. Our Original Beans chocolate partner operates in harmony with nature. Based on the motto “regenerate what we consume”, wild cocoa trees with corresponding forests are fostered and new trees regularly planted. As a result, the cocoa farmers are consistently paid an above-average wage to secure the future of their families and local rainforests.

The heart of ‘Tohru’

The centre of cooking

Even during the pop-up period, the Lohberger Group was by our side and quickly, unbureaucratically and professionally supported us. We are proud and delighted that this traditional Austrian company will continue to remain at our side. It is as part of this close cooperation that a completely new kitchen was built for ‘Tohru in der Schreiberei’ that meets all the standards of modern kitchen technology. This was highly anticipated and the kitchen team around Tohru Nakamura can now unleash their culinary creativity to the full.

With fine knives

Special designs by Homeij

A Damascus steel blade is typically made up of 67 layers on average. Our ‘Homeij’ steak knives are specially designed with a Japanese blade made of AUS-10 Damascus steel with 73 layers. The blade is made from special Aichi steel from the Japanese city of Tokai. The handle of this high-quality knife is made from hand-picked olive wood. The ‘Homeij’ steak knives are finished in Hertogenbosch / Netherlands.

Porcelain / Tableware

Unique porcelain by Annika Schüler

Meals are served on handmade dishes made with great dedication. The choice of crockery plays a major role. We received guidance from Annika Schüler, among others. The Munich-based master ceramicist creates her own plates and bowls for ‘Tohru’, which are unique in terms of their shape, design and feel. This ensures that every dish on the menu is given a suitable, individual setting.

From the well

Essential means of living

The well in the Schreiberei's courtyard garden provided the inspiration for a sustainable philosophy: water can also be pleasurable. It simply needs to be treated properly. For us, this pleasure is an attitude to life that is associated with our values since both employees and guests all enjoy drinking it. Together with our partner at BRITA, we want to honour Munich spring water and ensure the best quality at a flat rate. This reduces packaging waste, long transport routes and carbon emissions.

Entrée & Fin

From champagne to coffee

In addition to a balanced wine list and various brands of champagne from the company ‘Moët Hennessy’, guests at Tohru in der Schreiberei will also find coffee from ‘Man versus Machine’ on the menu. MVSM only roasts the highest quality Arabica coffee. Its roasting house focusses on quality and sustainability and roasts its selected beans in Munich, not far from the Schreiberei. The coffee is prepared using the special ‘Diamante’ portafilter espresso machine from the traditional Italian company ‘La Pavoni’.

Orange brûlée & emerald green

Walls that breathe

The walls were carefully designed by artist Silvie Penelope Schmidt with loving attention to detail, tact and respect towards the listed former scriptorium building. Eco-friendly clay plaster, various earth textures and high-quality pigments were used that are zero-emissions, breathable and organic, which in turn naturally regulates the air humidity in the dining rooms. Our guests sit on exclusive chairs made by the company ‘Fredericia Copenhagen’. Our tables, furniture and accessories were produced exclusively for ‘Tohru in der Schreiberei’ and are designed to create an atmosphere in which our guests feel right at home.

Culture of light

Placed in the right light

A new culture of light can be experienced at Tohru in der Schreiberei. The top-floor premises are showcased by lighting from Occhio. Occhio is a Munich-based company that has been around for a long time and immediately understood how to create the right atmosphere in a fine dining restaurant. The lighting is designed to create an almost mysterious atmosphere in the room, accentuating only several highlights in the restaurant as well as the individual tables. This sets the stage for the menu.

Green Choices

Chef attire makes people

Our chef’s whites partner ‘Le Nouveau Chef’ has been working for years towards a better, more environmentally friendly industry. They produce products that show respect for humans and our planet. Focus is placed on long-lasting materials, waste avoidance, sustainable quality and European production.