Hygiene concept

„Tohru in der Schreiberei“:

The health and safety of our guests, employees and partners is our priority. We are taking all of the necessary measures in order to meet the highest standards of quality and service standards while protecting everyone in our establishment.

In the restaurant

Our service and kitchen staff wear face masks at all times. A number of disinfectant units can be found in our dining room and in the toilets.


We kindly ask our guests to maintain social distancing, follow sneezing and coughing etiquette, regularly use our disinfection dispensers and wear face masks when arriving at the restaurant, while being shown to your table and when visiting the wash rooms. We also kindly ask you to avoid shaking hands or hugging. All of our guests will be registered by our staff in line with legal regulations and checked for compliance with the 3G rule. You are welcome to settle your meal in cash; however, we prefer contactless options where possible. If any guests are displaying symptoms or have had contact with someone infected with the coronavirus 14 days prior to their visit to ‘Tohru in der Schreiberei’, we kindly ask you to postpone your reservation and avoid visiting the restaurant.


In addition to our traditional menu at Tohru in der Schreiberei, which is only used once (and which you can take home with you following your visit), you also have the option to download our menu and wine list from our website.


We have new, modern ventilation technology that was installed during the renovation works. As a result, we regularly ventilate our premises to ensure a fresh air supply.


The increased cleaning cycles in our wash rooms is documented by a corresponding checklist. Fixtures, appliances and door handles are regularly disinfected. Furthermore, we ensure regular hand washing and compliance with sneezing and coughing etiquette.


The kitchen chefs maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from one another. In the rare case that this is not possible due to organisational reasons, kitchen staff will also wear face masks. Our dishwashers operate at temperatures of over 60 °C to thoroughly disinfect used cutlery and glasses.


Our workplace protection and prevention measures are actively and repeatedly communicated. Regular explanations and training is provided on these measures. A large number of disinfection dispensers are also provided in employee areas.


Supplies are delivered via a separate entrance. Supplier access to the restaurant premises is reduced to a minimum and is only permitted if face masks are worn and social distancing rules are applied.

Covid 19

In the event of suspected infection amongst our staff, a pandemic plan will be put into place to protect all employees, guests and suppliers. Click here for the latest rules! 

We kindly ask you to look out for one another and treat others with respect. Thank you for your trust. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest and are certain that we will be able to provide an unforgettable experience and mini break for the senses despite these challenging times.

Thank you
for your trust