May we introduce ourselves?
The Schreiberei team!

Stronger together. We apply the motto of the old pop hit “You'll never walk alone” throughout the entire Schreiberei. We combine two restaurant concepts under one roof, each of which is run by a separate service and kitchen team. However, we are connected by ONE (team) SPIRIT!

Tohru Nakamura &
Marc Uebelherr

(Managing Directors of the ‘Schreiberei’ and
‘Tohru in der Schreiberei’)

Our new team for the Schreiberei restaurant is currently being assembled and should evolve into one unit right from the start. Are you interested in joining our service team or kitchen team?

Tohru Nakamura



Like a well-oiled machine, with close, family-like connections and as motivated as the day we started. Allow us to present the team at Tohru in der Schreiberei! For years, the team at Tohru in der Schreiberei has always gone the extra mile to manage every situation and shares a common goal: to provide guests with an unforgettable feast.

Markus Klaas (restaurant manager), Tobias Klaas (sommelier), Julia Kolbeck (assistant restaurant manager), Katharina Ranft, Fabian Post, Michele Ponzio and Diego Polo. 

Chef Tohru Nakamura, Souschef Joshua Covington, Tanya Naughton, Stefan Fluch, Valentin Adam, Ramon Sattler, Andreas Gebhardt and Jonathan von Eichhain